Who I am

I come from a small town in Italy called Cattolica which is in the region of Emilia Romagna borded with Tuscany and Marche. My name is Franco Ariano and I am 34 years old.

Together with my other half, Milena , we have an Insurance Agency and have just recently began a small vineyard. I have chosen Saludecio (RN) as the location far from the chaos surrounded by forest and tranquillity.

My secondary passion in life has become the culture of wine.

During the day I am preoccupied with work, studies and applying myself.
However, at night I think, write, and sometimes sleep.

My personal motivation and ideas have brought me to create this website. In this, I assume every responsibility and/or satisfaction.

Enjoy the experience through my vineyard website.

Franco Ariano
Wine Artist Maker
Via di Vittorio n.4
47841 Cattolica Rn
Email: info@vinoerectus.com
http: www.vinoerectus.com
  Franco Ariano - Ideatore

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